Getting Ahead Graduates First Three Participants

posted 9/23/18 -- Three Lorain County residents learned to tap into their inner power after completing eight weeks of LCCAA's newest program.

Sherri Bennett, Silvia MaCovetchi and Maygan (who asked us to withhold her last name) are the first three graduates of Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World.

"I have a new faith and confidence in myself," said Maygan who hopes to build an all-inclusive event planning business and plans to take advantage of LCCAA's Tech Connect Program.

Getting Ahead is a truly empowering program. In this group setting, participants delve deeply into their lives to find strengths, learn skills to become financially secure and to reach personal goals.

"I want to keep going," Sherri said. "This program has shown me that there are still things out there for me. I appreciate everything and everyone here."

Sylvia, who moved to Lorain County from Moldova 10 years ago, said Getting Ahead has taught her to look at the big picture in life. She hopes to go back to school and one day own her dream home.

Client Educator Amy Steele acknowledged the hard work the three women put into reaching the graduation milestone and noted that the program is designed with continuous encouragement and support.

"You ever need anything, we are here," she said. "We will help you. Now you have a whole team behind you."

"Sometimes you live in the tyranny of the moment," said President and CEO Jackie Boehnlein. "It's hard to see past that. But you are never powerless and that is what we hope Getting Ahead has taught you - to find the strength you didn't know you had."

The next class begins October 3. Contact Amy Steele at 440-204-3121 or to enroll.

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