Board and Staff

Like all Community Action Agencies, LCCAA is required to have a three-part board. A third of our board members must from each of the following: Public Sector (typically elected officials or their designees), Private Sector (typically business leaders), and the Low-Income Sector (people living in poverty or people providing direct service to them).

Currently, our board includes the following 15 individuals:

Public Sector

Scott Broadwell, Board Secretary,  Designate for Oberlin City Council 

Joseph Falbo, Board Treasurer, Terminal Ready-Mix, Inc.

Eddie Henson, Designate for City of Lorain

Hans Schneider, Mayor, Village of Wellington     

Mike Szekely, Designate for City of Elyria


Private Sector
Anthony Giardini, Law Office Giardini, Poplar & Mason, LLC    

Henry Patterson, Board Chair, Lorain County Community College 

Gerald Pippens, Retired UAW Local 2000

Vasyl Rabosyuk, Edward Jones               

Vassie Scott, Self-Employed  

Low-Income Sector
Reverend Calvin Currie, Elyria Branch NAACP  

Tiffany Dennis, Community Representative

Sherry Green, Community Representative

Nancy Sabath, Board Vice Chair, Ohio Department of Education

Susan West, President, Head Start Policy Council


Executive Team

Jackie Boehnlein, President & CEO

Shauna Matelski, Ed.D., Head Start Director

Justin Paige, Finance and Administration Director

Frank Prihoda, Planning and Community Services Director

Carla E. Rodriguez, Human Resources Director