Head Start

Short Description

Head Start is a comprehensive child development program funded by the federal government and the flagship program of Community Action Agencies throughout the nation. Head Start and Early Head Start serve low-income children ages 0 to 5 and pregnant women. 
The entire family benefits from Head Start which prepares children for Kindergarten and academic success while promoting self-sufficiency in the children and their parents.


School Readiness Goals



The comprehensive nature of Head Start benefits the entire family while preparing children for Kindergarten. 
Each child is treated as an individual in an inclusive community that values, respects and responds to diversity. The varied experiences provided by the program support the continuum of children's growth and development, which includes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of each child from birth through age 5.
LCCAA Head Start and Early Head Start offer parents opportunities and support for growth, so that they can identify their own strengths, needs and interests, and find their own parenting solutions. Our objective is to support parents as they identify and meet their own goals and nurture the development of their children in the context of their family and culture. Father (or male) involvement is highly encouraged and some family members also serve on the Parent Policy Council. 
LCCAA is committed to connecting with community resources to ensure that the children and families receive the needed services for individual and family success.

Head Start families must live at or below 130% of the Federal Poverty Line (FPL). Families receiving TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) are automatically eligible. Homeless children, children in foster care are also automatically eligible. Head Start serves children with disabilities as well.

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