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Pathways HUB is free for Lorain County.

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The Lorain County Pathways HUB (LCPHUB) is a free program seeking to reduce infant mortality and improve the health of at-risk moms and infants in Lorain County. 

LCPHUB links you with a local, trusted and caring Community Health Worker (CHW) who focuses on the health of you and your children. Though the HUB is currently focuses on pregnant women and their families in at-risk African American and Hispanic communities, the program is open to all Lorain County pregnant moms in need with these key goals: 

  • Reduce and eliminate Ohio's infant mortality rates.
  • Reduce and eliminate barriers that prevent mothers from receiving excellent pre-natal and post-partum care. 
  • Assist pregnant women throughout their pregnancy and up to their child's first birthday.
  • Assess your and your family's unique health needs and apply the 21 Pathways to Better Health as needed. 

Community Health Workers assist pregnant women throughout their pregnancy and up to their child's first birthday. 


LCPHUB is designed to find, reach and serve those who need help the most. By addressing key health or social issues, the HUB works to transform our community to achieve equity. Together we will reduce the alarming rate of infant mortality.

The Social Determinants of Health are the conditions where we are born, work, live and age. Our social and physical environments have the ability to affect our health, functioning and quality of life. 

The five social determinants of health are: economic stability, education, social and community support, health and health care, and neighborhood environment. 

The Ohio Commission on Minority Health has identified 21 Core Pathways that impact people's health. CHWs conduct a comprehensive risk assessment for each individual and each risk factor is translated into a Pathway. 

CHWs provide outreach, health education, care coordination and advocacy. They bridge the gap between communities and the health and social services system while advocating for individual and community needs. Direct services may include:

  • Obtaining a car seat, crib or other baby items.
  • Assisting with food and basic needs.
  • Finding transportation.
  • Helping with updating skills and finding employment.
  • Finding secure, affordable housing.
  • Assisting with immunizations.
  • Assisting with medications.
  • Helping with substance use issues.

The LCPHUB is funded by the Ohio Commission on Minority Health and is part of a growing network of HUBs in the state.  

If you are a pregnant woman in need of help or a health care organization interested in partnering with LCPHUB, contact Nina Brooks at [email protected] or 440-553-1711.

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