A Favorite Moment: Empowering a Young Customer

posted 7/23/20 -- Our Planning and Community Services Director Frank Prihoda talked about one of his favorite moments from our Youth Services program recently:

One of the times I visited the Youth Center in 2019, a young person about 11 years old came in to have his bike looked at. He was proud to come in on his own, since he had earned money mowing lawns and doing chores. He felt very excited that he could pay for the repairs on his own.

Two teams, assigned by Bobby, came to analyze what was wrong with the bike. One team was doing the analysis in English; the other team was doing it in Spanish. They were using problem solving skills to accomplish what needed to be done.

They were able to fix what was wrong with the bike. Our young customer was very happy that they treated him like a customer and not just a young child.

The youth demonstrated teamwork skills, showed no problem with using and then translating the diagnosis of the problem.

I personally was very excited and proud to see this event. It emphasizes what we do at the Youth Center.