Bike Shop Helps First Customer

posted 7/26/19 -- The LCCAA Bike Shop, operated by our Youth Services Program, welcomed its first customer earlier this month.

Robert Fye, right, brought his bike in to have its brakes repaired.

Fye was in the neighborhood, saw youth in the building and stopped in to have his primary means of transport repaired.

Kamil Ortiz, left, and Jonathan Oyola, not pictured, performed the work.

Fye paid $20 for the repair. Youths such as Ortiz and Oyola have been training under Ed Stewart at the Elyria Bicycle Education Center to learn how to repair bicycles.

The bike shop, inside the Ronald Nabakowski Youth Center at 204 W. 10th St., Lorain, will be open to the public three days a week beginning August 6.

The youth will repair, refurbish and sell donated bicycles and maintain bikes used by the Go Lorain bike share program.