Frequently Asked Questions about Coming
to Head Start during COVID-19

Head Start will begin offering a limited hybid model for students preparing to go to kindergarten in the fall. This model, including two days of in person instruction each week, will begin March 2, 2021. 

“The COVID-19 virus has caused us to pause, reflect and readjust our way of living and how we are providing services for children and families,” said Head Start Director Shauna Matelski, Ed.D. “We have appreciated everyone’s patience and kindness during this difficult time. We look forward to resuming our services and connecting once again with children and families.” 

Procedural changes at LCCAA Head Start centers include fewer children in each class; regular cleaning and sanitizing; temperature checks at drop off; and electronic attendance and records.

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Q:        Which students are being brought back for in-person instruction?

A:        We are carefully limiting numbers while also being mindful of the importance of face-to-face interaction as children prepare for kindergarten. The students coming back will be those preparing to go to kindergarten this fall, with or without an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Q:        When does this begin?

A:        The hybrid model will begin March 2, 2021

Q:        What will the schedule be?

A:        Hybrid students will attend in person classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Specific hours vary slightly by center.

Q:        How will I know if my child is included?

A:        You will be contacted by your family service worker with more information specific to your child.

Q:        What do we do the rest of the week?

A:        Hybrid students are expected to coninue with virtual activities via ClassTag on Wednesdays and Fridays. In Wellington only, the virtual days are Mondays and Fridays.

Q:        Will my child have to wear a mask?

A:       YES - this is different than our fall procedure. Everyone in the center must be masked. We understand that may be new or challenging for your child and we will work with you. We also recommend you look over this document from the CDC which offers helpful suggestions. 

Q:        Is this required?

A:       No. If you prefer not to send your child to a center, they may continue virtual learning. 

Q:        How will I drop off and pick up my child? What are the procedures?

A:        We are going to do curbside drop off. Please be patient. This process WILL take additional time. Staff will be outside providing guidance as you approach or drive into the center parking lots, or on the side of the road where the center is located (i.e. Hopkins/Locke). 

Drop-Off Procedure

• Staff will greet you and take your child’s temperature with a touchless, digital thermometer, while your child is still seated in the car. 

 • If your child does not have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, and is not exhibiting any COVID symptoms, the staff will receive your child.

 • Parents should assist their children out of car seats and release children to their teacher, keeping in mind social distancing. Please, shut off your ignition if the driver is getting out of the car.

 • Please ensure that you have your ID ready at drop off.

 • To keep the traffic flowing, we will do this as quickly and safely as possible. Please follow staff’s guidance so that we can ensure a smooth “drop-off” process.

 Pick-Up Process

• In reverse of the drop off process, staff will bring your child to your car. 

• Please ensure that you have your ID ready. 

• If the driver will be getting the child into their car seat, please shut off your ignition prior to getting out of the car. Parents should secure children in their car seats. Please keep safety in mind at all times and drive slowly throughout the parking lots. Staff will assist in directing once you have secured your child.

Q:        Will I be allowed in the building?

A:        At this time, we are minimizing the amount of people coming into the building; however, staff will assist you if and when you there is a need to be inside the building. Masks must be worn when entering the building for any reason. Your temperature will be taken at a temperature check station.

Q:        Do I have to sign my child in?

A:        You will no longer have to physically sign in your child. Your child will be assigned a bar code that staff will be able to scan to electronically record your child’s attendance for the day.

Q:        Will my child who is on an Individual Education Plan, still be served?

A:        Yes, all children will continue to be screened, assessed, and referred for further services as necessary. We continue to work with our local school districts for these services.


Q:        What should I do if my child seems alright but may be ill?

A:        Please keep your child at home if they are not feeling well. Please contact your Family Service Worker.

Q:        What safety procedures has LCCAA implemented, to keep everyone safe? 

A:        All classrooms are disinfected at least twice daily. The custodial staff will clean and disinfect in between times as necessary. All staff will get a daily health screening and temperature check when reporting to work. All staff are to wear masks or face coverings with children and families. Children may wear masks if they choose to or if it is a parent preference. Social distancing will be practiced as is possible to do so with children.

Q:        What will classrooms look like and how will social distancing happen?

A:        While we cannot ensure all children will social distance, teachers will be encouraging it and providing reminders throughout the day for the children. Teachers will design their classrooms with this in mind. They will look different!

Q:        Should I expect classroom or center closures?

A:        Yes, both classroom and center closures may happen. We will not receive children if Lorain County is declared at a Level 4 Health Alert. Classroom closures are also possible based on the availability of staff. Parents are advised to have alternate care arrangements in place as closures may occur with limited notice. Watch your email, our website and our Facebook page for information.



Q:        When and how will orientations be conducted?

A:        Mid-year enrollment orientations will be completed virtually through Zoom. You will be contacted about your specific orientation date. If you are not familiar with Zoom, instructions for use will be in your parent orientation letter. Contact your Family Service Workers if you have any issues.

Q:        What if I am unable to attend parent orientation?

A:        If you are unable to attend your meeting for any reason, please contact the center FSW. We will be glad to assist you.

Q.        Is there anything else I need to do to complete the registration process?

A.        All registration information and any COVID-19 updates will also be provided on our website: You may deliver any documents or paperwork into our new drop-boxes located in the front of the school.



Q:        Will I be able to communicate with my child’s teacher and my assigned Family Service worker?

A:        Yes! Absolutely! We are here for you. We can communicate with your through, phone, text, Zoom, and again, all information will be updated on our website and Facebook page. Additionally, we are using Docusign, a new software that allows you to complete forms needed for your child’s file electronically. There will be more information provided during your orientation. We will also be using Gmail to provide each family with an exclusive, private email for communications. This will ensure communication as needed and quick responses. Again, more information shall be provided during your orientation.

Q:        How will I be notified if my child’s classroom or center is closed?

A:        Your Family Service Worker will contact you by your Gmail, phone, or text.