2021 CARES Mortgage Assistance Program

This program is now closed. All funds have been expended.


Note:  For your convenience, you can upload required documents through this portal. Uploading inappropriate content, in violation of LCCAA policy, will result in your application immediately being denied. Additional action may be taken.

LCCAA is giving priority to homeowners who have or have had a COVID-19 related forbearance granted from their lender since April 1, 2020. The home must be the applicant's primary residence. Households must live at or below 80 percent of the Area Median Income (see chart).

Funds are available for a limited time and residents should apply as soon as possible. Completing the Request for Assistance form will hold your place in line and you will be contacted to determine eligibility and complete your application.

Staff time will be dedicated to processing applications. The Agency will not be taking phone calls due to staffing constraints. Applicants will receive mailed updates which can be shared with lenders or courts as needed. For security reasons, customers are asked not to send personal information to agency email addresses.

What is a forbearance?

A forbearance indicates the mortgage holder is in communication with their lender and has demonstrated hardship. A COVID-19 related forbearance would include, but is not limited to, a loss or reduction of income or employment due to the pandemic or having had the virus including having to quarantine.

Proof of the forbearance will be required. Assistance is limited to three consecutive months of past due mortgage charges and will vary by customer based on their mortgage payment amount. Applicants must live at or below 80 percent of the Area Median Income ($60,800 for a family of four). Assistance will be paid directly to the mortgage holder. The mortgage holder must agree to participate and provide proof of past due balances.

Required additional documentation from the applicant includes: 

  • ​Photo ID
  • ​Social Security cards of all household members. If a member does not have a Social Security card, a birth certificate is needed. If you have recently applied for a card, an official letter from the Social Security office with the number printed on it and stating your card is in process is acceptable.
  • ​Income information for the past 30 days for all household members over 18, even if they are still in school. This includes check stubs, social security and, in some cases, child support. Income from self-employment requires additional documentation. For a complete list of income that must be counted, click here. Any household member over 18 claiming no income must complete an affidavit. Click here for a downloadable copy.

Applications with all required documents will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Applications waiting on required documents will be passed over and, in fairness to other applicants in need of assistance, not processed until all documents are received. You will receive email status updates as your application is moved through processing. You will also be contacted by an LCCAA staff member and provided with their contact information as they work to assist you.