Staff Member Started as Volunteer

posted 3/12/24 -- Tarnisha Freeman’s first exposure to Head Start was as a volunteer in her aunt’s classroom at LCCAA’s Hamilton Center in south Elyria. She’s been in Wellington since the partnership between LCCAA Head Start and the school district began.

“Caring for my younger siblings and attending the Joint Vocational School's Child Care Program, I feel had a very big part in why I chose to begin a career in early childhood,” Tarnisha said.

Tarnisha completed her Child Development Associate credential recently using an online program from ProSolutions. The CDA is widely recognized as the foundational credential in the field of early childhood education. But Tarnisha also has a foundation of experience since she’s been with LCCAA Head Start since 1994.

“I am a past Head Start parent,” she added. “All four of my children attended the program. My children to this day remember some of their experiences.”

Tarnisha is grateful to the teachers and staff in the Wellington center who supported her in seeking her education, completing her challenging portfolio and her classroom observation.

“What I have gained from this experience can be added to my tool belt of knowledge that I have obtained while being employed with the Head Start program,” she said.