Melendez Joins LCCAA Board

posted 1/9/24 -- Jocelyn Melendez joined LCCAA’s Board of Directors in October after being nominated by the Church on the North Coast.

Melendez is originally from Brooklyn, Ohio and moved to Lorain County to be closer to family.

“I learned about LCCAA through a friend at church,” she said. “The reason I joined the board was to learn more about LCCAA and to be able to make a difference in the community, meet new people and help establish values for the people of Lorain County.”

Melendez will represent the low-income sector on LCCAA’s three-part board. By law, one third of board members must be low-income people or those who serve them. Public officials or their designees make up another third and the final third is made up of members of the private sector, usually business leaders.

“Jocelyn has great passion for people and demonstrates a deep desire to see others succeed,” said Pastor Rebecca Thompson in nominating Melendez. “She brings solutions to problems and is always ready to take on any tasks set before her.”

Melendez said she is excited to join a “wise group of individuals to make sure our community’s needs are met.”

“So far what has surprised me the most is all the LCCAA has to offer for our community,” she added. “I never knew there were so many programs offered to our community.”

Melendez is a documentation specialist with Peerless Technologies in Cleveland where she works with NASA missions.