Action Plan Key to Toilet Training

posted 11/23/21 -- Whether you are the parent of a toddler who may be ready for toilet training or a preschooler who has yet to master toilet training, Early Head Start and Head Start will work with you.

Early Head Start teachers and parents will discuss and agree upon the readiness of the toddler.

Can he/she pull up and down their clothing without help? Can he/she answer simple yes-no questions? Does the child stay dry for periods of at least two hours?

If the answer to these questions is yes, the team will develop an Action Plan for toilet training.

There may be times when a young preschooler may not be toilet trained, in these cases the Head Start teachers and the parents will also develop an Action Plan for toilet training.

How does this work? The teachers, parents and family service worker will set up a time to meet, at this meeting the teachers will present the LCCAA Toileting Action Plan. The plan will contain the child’s name and the goal. For example, a goal may be “toilet trained by December.”

The teachers, parents and family service worker will then decide what will be done while the child is at school (teacher responsibilities) and what will be done at home (parent responsibilities). These actions will be recorded on the plan. All parties will sign and receive a copy of the plan.

Some things that may be on the plan include:

  • Frequency of taking child to toilet
  • How to celebrate successes
  • Type of clothing to be worn during toilet training
  • Sharing of books about using the toilet
  • When to meet again to review/revise plans

Time, patience and teamwork will help each child to become successful at using the bathroom.