Head Start Using Traditional, New Communication Tools

posted 9/7/20 -- LCCAA Head Start teachers and staff have multiple channels to communicate with parents for the 2020-2021 school year.

Some tools will be familiar to returning families, others are new as we adapt to changes based on COVID-19 restrictions. Some communications are very specific to your child; others focus on your entire Head Start Center, the program as a whole or other LCCAA programs that might benefit you.

Here’s what to expect:

Classroom Connector Folder: This commonly used folder sends physical papers home from our center-based classes with pockets clearly marked for what needs to be returned.

Text Messages: Using the number you provide, your child’s teacher can text you center or classroom updates or open a line of communication specific to your child.

Bi-Weekly Update: This classroom specific newsletter will be sent home or emailed every other week. You will find book recommendations, suggestions for home learning and updates specific to your child’s class or virtual instructor.

Head Start Family Newsletter: This monthly publication discusses our entire program and includes updates on LCCAA programs outside of Head Start such as utility help, computer classes and more. It will be sent home or emailed.

Ready Rosie: This partner of our Creative Curriculum company provides videos that enhance your child’s learning. You will receive an invitation and then a weekly playlist of suggested lessons. Teachers will also use this to share videos specific to your classroom or even your child if they need assistance with a particular skill.

ClassTag: This electronic communication tool will allow us an easy and secure way to exchange information and share resources specific to your child or his classroom. We can also share photos and videos with you this way.

Virtual learners will also use this platform to access their lessons and our program enhancements such as tae kwon do lessons. Invitations to virtual parent meetings and other events being held via Zoom will be sent through ClassTag.

If you used our private groups on Facebook over the summer, you will find ClassTag very similar.

GSuite Email: New this year, every LCCAA Head Start family will be given an @lccaa.net email address. You will be able to log in to it using Google’s Gmail application. Your teacher, Family Service Worker and other staff will use this to contact you.

You will receive log in information and be asked to check it regularly. Additionally, all addresses are automatically subscribed to our weekly newsletter Mission Moment which covers all programs offered by LCCAA, including Head Start.

Don’t forget to also visit our website at www.lccaa.net if you are looking for information and make sure to follow LCCAA on Facebook. If you still can’t find what you need, contact your Family Service Worker. We are here to help!