Mental Health Tips for the COVID-Weary

posted 9/6/20 -- So many changes, yet so many things are the same. The drop-offs are different, but the school is the same. The classroom is different, but the teachers are the same. There’s a mask on that face, but it’s my teacher underneath it!

A few things we know for sure, we will continue to work together to connect and support learning in its many different forms. We have plans. We will share plans. And we will support you in making plans!

LCCAA Head Start’s Mental Health Consultant Donna Jezewski offers these tips for a calm start to the school year amid COVID concerns

With Kids:


  • Talk about the changes. Prepare them, and practice new routines with them.
  • Create good-bye and hello rituals.
  • Provide reassurance. Name their feelings.
  • Create a visual schedule: Brush teeth, get dressed, go to school, dinner, bath, bedtime, etc.
  • Practice calming and breathing with them.


For Parents:


  • Be kind and gentle with yourself, and your kids.
  • Remember everybody is adjusting, and still adjusting! This is challenging.
  • Have a balance between work and play.
  • Take PLAY breaks with quick dance parties, balloon play, or just be creative!
  • Reach out for extra support if needed.


Lastly, remember none of us are experts in COVID, but we all have expertise in being with kids.