Cleaning and Sanitizing Classrooms

posted 9/1/20 -- LCCAA’s Head Start classrooms and centers will be sanitized at least twice everyday this fall.

Service Safety Specialist Tracy Hough (pictured right) has brought in new sanitizing equipment that can quickly kill germs and viruses on the variety of surfaces found in LCCAA offices and classrooms.

Additionally, some of LCCAA’s Head Start Centers are equipped with Zono cabinets. The cabinets can hold a large quantity of classroom materials ranging from wooden puzzles to stuffed animals.

The cabinets use ozone, made from pure oxygen, to disinfect and sanitize naturally. No chemicals are used in the cabinets.

The sprayers use a mild, environmentally friendly solution delivered electro-statically. Spraying eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination that can occur when using wipes or towels.

Common areas will also be regularly sanitized and schedules created so groups do not share spaces at the same time. We will do our best to encouarge social distancing among the children and keep everyone safe and healthy.