Answers to 'Why Can't I Go to School?'

posted 3/23/20 -- LCCAA Head Start's teachers use Conscious Discipline to help students learn to manage their emotions.

Certified Conscious Discipline instructor and Wisconsin early childhood teacher Abby Kruse created a Social Story to explain to her students why they can't go to school during the COVID-19 crisis.

Social stories are visual reminders typically used to teach children appropriate behavior. These behaviors can be related to procedures, like how to stay safe on the school bus or successfully follow a bedtime routine. They can also teach social behaviors, like how to manage anxiety when a parent goes to work or how to express frustration in a healthy manner.

Social stories help children make sense of their own feelings and the world around them. For children (and adults), predictability and routine feel safe. Sudden change is often scary and leaves children feeling anxious. Anxiety is soothed with information, so it's helpful to answer children's questions and explain why their usual routines have changed.

However, talking to young children about COVID-19 is challenging, especially when we remain worried and uncertain ourselves. This simple social story gives you the reassuring language and age-appropriate information to help children understand why they can't go to school right now.

Conscious Discipline is currently offering many of its resources, normally requiring a subscription, for free. Visit their website here.

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