Head Start Students STEAM to Kindergarten

posted 11/24/19 -- STEAM experiences are extremely beneficial to school success. STEAM stands for five things that are used in everyday learning: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

Preschoolers are in the beginning stages of learning about these subjects and need daily exposure to build a solid foundation. The research-backed, play-based curriculum of Head Start supports STEAM learning.

STEAM requires the children to be active participants in learning by immersing themselves in the topic. It is all about investigation, discovery and solving problems.

All of this happens naturally each day as children play and try new things, but even more as teachers pose the open-ended questions that will enhance the children’s knowledge and get them excited about learning.

With special events last month (pictured), parents had an opportunity to see STEAM learning for themselves.

LCCAA Head Start teachers work diligently each day to provide the hands-on activities that preschool children need in order to fully understand concepts. For example, mixing paint, creating music, building towers all happen daily in Head Start classrooms.