What to Expect at Parent Teacher Conferences

posted 11/25/19 -- Open communication between teachers and parents positively impacts child development. LCCAA Head Start offers parent-teacher conferences and home visits throughout the school year.

Conferences will be scheduled for December 2nd or 9th. One-on-one time with teachers provides an opportunity to hear about successes, growth, and perhaps some struggles this first half of the school year.

Many parents are unsure of questions to ask their child’s teacher during conferences. Here are some guided questions that will be helpful to gain more knowledge about your child’s growth and development:

◆ How does my child interact with other children?

◆ What skills and tasks should my child be working on? How can I help my child at home?

◆ How are my child’s self-help skills (ex. washing nhands, eating and cleaning up lunch, brushing teeth, etc.)?

◆ What do you consider my child’s best strengths and interests?

◆ In what areas do you think my child needs improvement?

◆ How does my preschooler respond to classroom rules and procedures? Does he/she need a lot of redirection and reminders?

◆ When needed, how is discipline handled? What can I do at home to correct problem behavior?

◆ Are there any concerns I need to address with my child’s pediatrician?

◆ Do you have any advice for (ex. potty training, sibling rivalry, positive behavior guidance, etc.)?

Teachers and parents both have the same goal to build a solid educational foundation. Fostering relationships builds a partnership that puts that goal within reach. This will lead to future school success.

Early experiences last a lifetime, make them meaningful!