Youths Deliver Bike for Christmas

posted 12/19/18 -- LCCAA's Youth Services Program Participants have spent hours working alongside Ed Stewart at the Elyria Bicycle Center learning how to repair and rebuild all types of bicycles. They've also learned how it feels to give their hard work away.

In certain cases, Stewart allows youngsters to work in his shop and earn points toward a bike. One family in particular has worked with him for almost a year.

"The kids are the nicest, well-behaved kids ever," Stewart said. "I have worked qute a bit with the oldest boy (13) and he has in turn taught some skills to his younger sisters."

Each of the siblings earned a bike from the shop, except the youngest, Talaiah. Stewart found a bike that could work for Talaiah and LCCAA youth participants fixed it up.

Just in time for Christmas, the youth delivered the bike to an elated Talaiah.

"I believe it is important for volunteers of any sort to see the connection between their efforts and the people they are really working for," Stewart said. "They need to see the value of their work."

To see the video of Talaiah receiving her bike,please visit our Facebook page.