Youth Program Has Options for Summer

posted 5/28/21 -- Youth in Lorain County have multiple options to earn money and gain valuable work experience with Ohio Means Jobs this summer.

LCCAA’s Youth Services Program is among the partners providing worksites for the youth programs which, this year, are offered to young men and women as young as 15.

“The application is now online,” said LCCAA Youth Coordinator Josh Smith. “We also have printed forms at the bike shop and can submit them for you and put you to work in the shop quickly.”

In addition to the LCCAA Bike Shop on West 10th Street in Lorain, the Youth Services worksite includes extensive community service throughout the county as well as mentoring, Smith added. As the community continues to reopen, Smith hopes to schedule the college and company tours that were a popular component of the program prior to the COVID-19 crisis.

Ohio Means Jobs offers two distinct programs. The summer employment program is for youth 15 to 18 who are in high school. Families on TANF or SNAP qualify and the funds earned by the youth do not count against those benefits. The EDGE program is available year-round for youth ages 16 to 24 whether they have completed high school yet or not.

Apply online by clicking here.

Download an application to print and complete by clicking here.

On either version of the form, write LCCAA as the answer to who referred you to have your application directed to the bike shop. Smith can also answer questions about the bike shop and LCCAA Youth Services. Call him at 440-787-4565.

Other questions can be directed to Jeremy Cordes at Ohio Means Jobs at 440-284-4328.