Outdoor Safety Tips to Share with Children

posted 4/7/21 -- Nice weather is finally here! Take some time and talk about these safety tips with your kids before their next outdoor adventure.

1. Establish safe play areas. Let your kids know the street is not a safe area to be, even if their toy or ball goes there.

2. Never speak to strangers.No matter how friendly someone seems, children should never speak to or go anywhere with a stranger. If a stranger approaches them, they should run away or head inside.

3. Never wander off alone.Remind younger children to always stay within range of supervision. Older kids hanging out with friends should remain with the group.

4. Be aware of surroundings.Common play areas like a field or a playground can hold hidden safety hazards, so it’s important to examine these areas for things like broken glass before playing in them. Proper shoes are also a must.

5. Be mindful of the rainy weather. Even sunny days can experience a rapid, unexpected weather change. If the weather does change drastically, children should return home or seek shelter.

6. Always wear sunscreen or protective clothing. Remember that sunscreen needs to be reapplied often, especially if you’re at the beach or pool, or if you’re sweating.

7. Remember to hydrate. Teach kids about dehydration and the importance of replenishing with water—not sugary drinks.

8. Wear proper clothing and equipment for the sport or activity.Thin-layered, long-sleeved clothing is ideal for outdoor activities. For bike rides, always wear a helmet.

9. Apply bug spray when needed.

10. Never consume anything found outdoors. Let them know that despite what they might have seen on TV, it’s not safe to eat anything they find in the wild.

Tips provided by Gilbert Cho.