Head Start Learning Outcomes Report Shows Kids are Ready for Kindergarten

posted 7/16/14 -- LCCAA's latest Head Start Learning Outcomes Report shows the program overwhelmingly succeeds in preparing students for Kindergarten.

"This is one of our favorite reports to share with the community," said LCCAA CEO Jackie Boehnlein. "Not only do we get to go into detail about our curriculum, we get to celebrate the progress our children are making."

The report shows the gains students make between when they enroll and when they bridge to Kindergarten. Head Start uses a standard known as "widely held expectations" which measures what children should know and be able to do at their specific age. LCCAA's goal is to help children meet or exceed the expectations for their age.

"The percentage of our children exceeding the expectations for their age skyrocketed this year," Kathryn Isabell, Education and Disabilities Services Specialist said. "We are proud of everyone in the program and their commitment to preparing children for Kindergarten." Download the complete report below.