Two Sites Renew Five Star Rating

posted 3/23/20 -- Wellington Head Start and Firelands Head Start have both had their Five Star rating renewed by Step Up to Quality.

All of LCCAA's directly operated centers have earned the highest rating from Step Up to Quality: five stars. Most of our partner centers are also rated at five stars and none has fewer than three.

Ohio created its five-star rating system to recognize and promote early learning and development programs that meet quality standards over and above the minimum health and safety licensing requirements.The program has been voluntary; however, beginning in 2020, all early childhood programs must be rated, or they will be ineligible for public funds. Higher ratings are given to programs employing teachers with more specialized training as well as enhanced parent, family and community engagement, among other criteria. For additional details on the program, visit

Step Up To Qualityis administered by the Ohio Department of Education and theOhio Department of Job and Family Services.