Documentation Required for Energy Services Programs

For ALL programs you must provide:

  • Social Security cards of all household members. If a member does not have a Social Security card, a birth certificate is needed. If you have recently applied for a card, an official letter from the Social Security office with the number printed on it and stating your card is in process is acceptable.
  • Income information for the past 30 days for all household members over 18, even if they are still in school. This includes check stubs, social security and, in some cases, child support. Income from self-employment requires additional documentation. For a complete list of income that must be counted, click here.
  • Any household member over 18 claiming no income must complete an affidavit. Click here for a downloadable copy.
  • Gas and electric utility bills – must be in the name of a household member.
  • Landlord's name, address, phone number and monthly rent amount, if applicable. 
  • For the Summer Crisis Program ONLY, you may need to provide a medical statement if you are applying because you have a condition worsenedby extreme heat. It can be on your doctor's letterhead or prescription pad or you can use this form

We have multiple ways to submit required documents including a secure dropbox at 936 Broadway Ave., Lorain. If you have questions about your application, call 440-245-1870 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.