Firelands Parents Learn Knife Skills

posted 11/14/23 -- Firelands Head Start parents enhanced their kitchen skills at their last parent meeting.

Chef Brittany Reilly taught knife skills and shared some new recipes as well. Reilly's business "In the Kitchen with Britt" offers cooking classes and prepared meals.

"We made two delicious and healthy dips that everyone agreed their families will enjoy," said Site Administrator Pam Caruso. "We also talked about what’s going on in our classroom and with our ‘school family’.”

Caruso added that Reilly covered keeping knives sharp to avoid injury.

“When you have a dull knife, you apply a lot of pressure to make a cut,” she explained. “So, if you slip, you can do some serious damage. A sharp knife goes right through the food, so you may nick your skin but it generally isn’t too bad.”

A properly sharpened knife should easily cut through a piece of paper, Reilly told the group.

“Chef Brittany was very knowledgeable at what she was presenting,” said parent Stacy Hall, adding it was the best parent meeting she had ever attended. “I learned so many ideas and new recipes from her and introduced them to my family. They absolutely love the dip! I honestly cannot go back to the store-bought brand anymore.”

Ashley Farrell agreed: “She was really friendly and taught me a new skill. Her instructions were clear and easy and made an easy recipe that was healthier than store brands.”

“Brittany was very patient and made things I love just a little healthier for me and my family,” said parent Tiffany Chappelear. “It definitely felt like we were hanging out and learning something new at the same time.”

Parent meetings are a great opportunity for Head Start families to connect with one another and learn more about the program. Contact your child's teacher to find out when your site's next parent meeting is scheduled.

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