What to Expect at Conferences and Visits

posted 10/11/23 -- Home visits and conferences supplement the casual, daily conversations between teachers and parents. These meetings provide more comprehensive information about children’s progress and allow time for deep conversation.

Home Visits - Teachers conduct two home visits a year for each student. Visits are recommended to take place in the home, but may take place at the school or another location at the request of the parents. Family Service Assistants are required to complete visits which are family focused and goal oriented.

Conferences - Teachers hold parent conferences as needed, but no less than two times per program year. These individualized meetings give parents and teachers the opportunity to discuss the child’s progress, routines, activities and behavior. Parents have the opportunity to learn about the curriculum, classroom learning environment and the instructional materials used in the program.

According to the National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education, when parents are engaged and partner with their child’s learning program, everyone wins: “Students do better in school and in life. Parents become empowered. Teacher morale improves. Schools get better. Communities grow stronger.”

We expect parents will take advantage of these activities and use these events as learning opportunities that support teaching staff-child interactions and foster communication and conversations that support your child’s learning.