Sharon Henry Retires After Three Decades

posted 5/9/23 -- “The reason I’m here is because of the family service worker who had my son.”

Three decades after being encouraged to volunteer in the classroom, Sharon Henry has retired from LCCAA Head Start. When she started volunteering, Dorothy Flanders encouraged her to apply for a job.

“I came to work at Head Start because of a person who loved Head Start like I do,” Henry said, adding that she will miss the camaraderie with staff as well as the children. “Many of the folks are family. We have gone through the highs and lows together.”

Henry started out as a family advocate more than 30 years ago. Her assignments took her all over the county to Wellington, LaGrange, Hopkins-Locke and former centers in Oberlin, City Center and Hamilton. She also worked with the home-based and collaborative programs. Her final title was Family Service Supervisor/Asst. Site Administrator at Hopkins Locke.

“What I really love about Head Start is that it’s given ME more than I’ve given it,” she said. “It’s given me the chance to learn and grow, meet fantastic people and be part of a great team.”

Henry has been grateful to see her colleagues grow. She hired Stefanie Drew who is now the Assistant Director, Maria Vasquez who is now the Family Engagement Specialist, and Bernadette Dickey who is taking over as Family Service Supervisor and Asst. Site Administrator at Hopkins Locke.

“I see the strengths in the people I leave behind,” Henry said, adding that she plans to volunteer for her Jehovah’s Witness congregation and enjoy her grandchildren. “I want to slow down and be able to spend time with folks.”

“I’ve been very fortunate to work with Sharon for nearly 30 years,” Drew said. “She has shown her dedication, leadership and a willingness to be an integral team member.”

Drew added that Henry has been the program’s historian, strong recruiter, celebrator of parents and a true advocate of the agency.

“Sharon would help with anything I ever asked her to do and most of the time she was already volunteering before I could ask,” Drew said. “We all wish Sharon a happy retirement filled with days of happiness and fulfillment. She will be missed!”