Doctors Recommend Flu Shots Starting at Six Months

posted 12/8/22 -- Doctors recommend that your child get a flu vaccine starting when he or she is six months old.

Some children six months through eight years may need two doses for best protection, especially if it is the child’s first time being vaccinated for the flu.

The CDC recommends getting a flu vaccine by the end of October, before flu begins spreading in the community. However, you and your child can receive the shot anytime during flu season.

A nasal spray vaccine is available for some people ages 2 through 49. Your child’s doctor will know which vaccines are right for your child.

The CDC also recommends pregnant women get a yearly seasonal flu shot. You can be vaccinated during any time in your pregnancy. The vaccination can also help protect your baby from the flu after birth.

Talk to your doctor about flu shots for your family. Or try these resources: or