Gestational Diabetes Preventable, Manageable

posted 10/2/22 -- Pregnancy is life-changing, filled with both joy and uncertainty. Pregnancy Support Services provides you with the information you need to keep both you and your baby healthy and safe.

LCCAA Head Start’s Pregnancy Support Services will support women at any stage of pregnancy with a goal of lowering the infant mortality rate in Lorain County, particularly among the Black population.

Premature delivery increases the chance that an infant’s health will be in danger. Gestational diabetes often results in early delivery, but it is preventable and man-ageable.

Gestational Diabetes impacts between six and nine percent of pregnant women. The common condition results when there is too much sugar in a woman’s bloodstream. High blood sugar levels can lead to serious risks for both mother and baby. Gestational diabetes is usually discovered during a routine glucose screening performed between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Risk factors increasing a woman’s chances of developing gestational diabetes include:

  • Being overweight.
  • Lack of exercise.
  • High blood pressure before or during pregnancy.
  • Prediabetes before pregnancy.
  • High stress levels (stress increases blood sugar).
  • Race or ethnicity (e.g. Black and Hispanic women are at a higher risk).

Mothers can lower their risk and early pregnancy is the ideal time to begin making the best choices possible for having a healthy mom and healthy baby. These include seeing your healthcare provider regularly, maintaining a steady weight gain, eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and limiting sugar intake.

If diagnosed, controlling blood sugar will be the primary focus of your care. This will be done through monitoring your blood sugar levels, diet and exercise. If needed, you will be put on medication to stabilize blood sugar levels.

For more information on Gestational Diabetes, contact Melissa Carroll through Pregnancy Support Services at 440-204-0187. Melissa has lots of tips including information on planning a healthy diet, physical activity during pregnancy, stress management, and how to talk to your physician.