Masking Recommended as COVID Numbers Spike

posted 1/19/22 -- COVID-19 numbers continue to spike and vaccines for Head Start aged children are still in development.

LCCAA continues to take every precaution to protect both students and staff. Throughout the pandemic, guidance, protocols and requirements have changed along with conditions and the development of new tools. LCCAA’s Head Start program remains responsive to these changes.

Masking is still being advised. Staff members will continue to wear masks in the classroom.

For children, masking is encouraged but not required. Parents may send their children to school with masks if they wish. If you need masks for yourself or your children, contact your family service worker.

If you want or need your child to wear a mask, here are some helpful tips:

  • Explain but keep it simple. “We have to wear a mask to keep our coughs and sneezes in while we are at school.”
  • Introduce masking through play. “Let’s play grocery store. We have to get our mask and bag.”
  • Frame the mask as a big kid thing. There’s nothing little kids like better than being treated like big kids.
  • Offer choices where possible. Just as you would allow them to choose between two shirts, allow them to choose between two masks.