Handwriting Curriculum Being Added

posted 1/12/22 -- Did you know there is a sequence in how handwriting should be taught? LCCAA Head Start teachers received training in Handwriting without Tears to help students build essential skills for emergent writing and handwriting success.

Teachers will use a variety of materials in the classroom to implement the curriculum and work on letter formation and handwriting. Students will use Play-doh and wood cut-out pieces to form letters, chalk and chalkboards, as well as write and wipe boards.

Children gradually develop the ability to copy or form letters in a predictable order. At age three they are able to start making vertical and horizontal lines. By four years old they are able to add curves and by age six able to do more complex writing with adding diagonals.

Here are some helpful tips for parents on how to work on handwriting at home:

First work on letters that have vertical & horizontal lines (Examples - L F E H).

Then work on circular letters (Examples - U C O Q G S J D P B R).

Lastly work on letters with diagonals (Examples - K A M N V W X Y Z).

When working on letters you will first focus on formation of uppercase letters and then move to lowercase letters.

Always start letter formation at the top.

Make sure your child has proper hand grip when starting to write (Please see picture for proper hand grasp).

When we can build that school to home connection, it enhances your child’s education experience. Together by starting writing skills at a young age, we can build a strong foundation, prevent bad habits and set your child up for future school success.

Handwriting without Tears is a program of Learning without Tears. Learn more on their website at www.lwtears.com.