LCCAA Helps Haven Center After Flood

posted 10/27/23 -- Nearly 60 Lorain County residents were doubly displaced after heavy rains devasted the Haven Center. LCCAA provided funding to help relocate the shelter residents to hotels in the area.

“Our residents have remained strong and taken this in stride as they await the reopening of the shelter,” said Neighborhood Alliance Chief of Staff Rebecca Haywood.

“This has been an arduous period for our agency. As we work through the clean-up and restoration of our center, however, we have been able to keep our residents safe and still provide much needed services to them.”

LCCAA set aside $60,000 from the Emergency Rental Assistance round two funds to help the Haven Center cover hotel stays. The flood was the first major need for the funds. Nearly $20,000 was used to rehouse shelter residents.

Haywood said a total of 58 people, including children, were displaced. Some were helped with other resources. Today, 31 people remain in hotels or motels with 13 of them being supported with the LCCAA funds, she added.

The Haven Center at 1536 E. 30th St. in Lorain can house up to 68 people and also provides meals, toiletries, laundry and clothing. Haywood said they try to place everyone in their shelter but not everyone is a good fit and sometimes they are full. Typically, overflow means they use 8 to 10 area hotel rooms for individuals and families.

The flood destroyed five HVAC units, several freezers and refrigerators, two ovens and all of the center’s washers and dryers. Most of the doors in the center no longer function due to the wooden frames swelling.

“We are renovating these areas now and hope to reopen the shelter by mid-November,” Haywood said. “We were able to mobilize our staff and quickly move residents out of the shelter and into motels with the funding from LCCAA.”

LCCAA was pleased to provide the assistance.

“We admire Neighborhood Alliance so much,” said CEO Jackie Boehnlein. “Their incredible resourcefulness is only rivaled by how much they care.”

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