Summer Crisis Program Now Open

posted 7/5/23 -- Lorain County residents who need help cooling their homes can seek assistance from LCCAA now through Sept. 30.

The Summer Crisis Program provides eligible households with a one-time benefit to assist with electric bills, central air conditioning repairs and air conditioning unit and/or fan purchases. The primary qualification for the program is a gross annual income at or below 175 percent of the Federal Poverty Line ($52,500 for a family of four in 2023).

Residents at that poverty level qualify for help if they also meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • At least one household member is age 60 or over.
  • A household member has a documented medical condition worsened by extreme heat.
  • Their electric service has been disconnected or they have received a disconnect notice.
  • They are trying to establish new service.
  • They are enrolling in PIPP Plus for the first time.
  • They are an existing PIPP customer in default.

Benefits remain at levels expanded during the pandemic. Customers of regulated utilities can receive up to $500 in assistance. Customers of unregulated utilities can receive up to $800.

Residents who have not received an air conditioner from LCCAA in the last three years can request a unit. Electric box fans will also be distributed. Residents who have received air conditioners in the past three years may be eligible for a fan. Distribution of air conditioners and fans will be subject to availability.

Eligible clients can also receive up to $1,500 for central air conditioning repairs. Residents who receive repair work funded cannot receive window air conditioners or fans.

Appointments are required for this emergency program. All appointments must be made online and will be conducted over the phone. Make your appointment by going to our website:

In person services are being offered for seniors only in partnership with the Lorain County Office on Aging (LCOOA). An LCCAA Energy Services employee is stationed at the LCOA office in Elyria from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Those 60 and over who are not comfortable making an online appointment may walk in during those hours.

Secure drop boxes are available at both the LCOOA office at 534 Abbe Road South in Elyria and at LCCAA at 936 Broadway Ave., Lorain for required documents.

Required documentation includes:

  • Income information for all household members 18 years of age or older for the last 30 days;
  • Any member reporting “no income” must complete a no income form;
  • Proof of citizenship for all household members;
  • Most recent electric and gas bills;
  • Proof of medical condition if applicable (documentation signed by a licensed physician or registered nurse practitioner).

For a complete list of countable income, please visit our website. The program will run through Sept. 30 this year.

Additional information may be required. Please visit or call 440-245-1870 during business hours if you have questions.