Program Helps Youth with Job Skiills

posted 7/18/22 -- Younger adults in Lorain County seem to be having trouble breaking into the workforce, according to LCCAA’s latest Community Needs Assessment.

“The problem of unemployment among young people was so much worse under COVID and we are not seeing a recovery,” said President and CEO Jackie Boehnlein. “So that is something that we will incorporate into our youth programming in the next two years.”

Compared to the state, three percent fewer 20 to 24 year olds in Lorain County are working or actively looking for work. In all, 77.1 percent of that age group in Lorain County is participating in the labor force. Meanwhile, only 46.5 percent of ages 16 to 19 year olds are participating in the labor force.

LCCAA is working to diversify opportunities for youth services participants based on their interests. Last year, a young man interested in accounting spent some time with the agency’s finance department. Future possibilities include working with the Pathways HUB and partners such as Mercy Health, working with young children through Head Start and expanding bike shop related offerings to include skills like welding.

“We definitely want the youth to engage in activities that both interest them and build skills they can use to make a living in the future,” said Planning and Community Services Director Bobby Taylor.

The Assessment data on employment also shows that residents look for help in particular areas when it comes to their job searches. More than half would like help with their resumes. Others were also interested in interviewing skills and learning software. All of these skills are addressed in the LCCAA Youth Services program, Taylor said.

Learn more about the program and start an online application by clicking here.

Learn more about current national trends in youth employment from the U.S. Census Bureau by clicking here.