Head Start Staff Meet High Standards

posted 7/12/22 -- The knowledge of Head Start staff is crucial to supporting the health, learning and development of children as well as their familes’ strengths, needs and parenting skills.

No professional can do this without building their awareness, skills, and competencies through professional development.

LCCAA works to stay up to date on research and techniques while meeting federal requirements. Some of those requirements include:

  • All staff must complete at least 15 hours of training every year. LCCAA’s average last year was 29 hours per person.
  • Management staff must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Home visitors, assistant teachers, Early Head Start teachers and family service assistants must have or be working toward at least the national Child Development Associate (CDA) credential.
  • Head Start teachers must have at least an associate’s degree. Among the entirity of our staff, at least half must have a bachelor’s degree.

LCCAA Head Start staff includes 15 who hold master’s degrees, 46 who hold bachelor’s degrees, 45 who hold associate’s degrees, 22 who hold CDAs and 18 who have Family Development certificates.

LCCAA encourages and celebrates continuing education and offers tuition reimbursement.