Fathers Welcomed Into Head Start Classrooms

posted 2/6/18 -- “Read to Me Daddy” is not just something you hear your little one ask when they want some attention, it is also a major part of Lorain County Community Action Agency Head Start’s Male Involvement Initiative. Fathers reading to their children can have a huge impact on child development, it is also pretty adorable.

LCCAA Head Start has used “Read to Me Daddy” to welcome fathers into classrooms for several years. Studies have shown the presence of a responsible father promotes and improves the academic performance and reduces disciplinary problems among young children: “When custodial and non-custodial fathers are highly involved with their children’s learning, the children are more likely to get As at all grade levels,” according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

LCCAA Hopkins-Locke Head Start welcomed Tyrez Coleman who read a few books to a class Jan. 26. After warming up with a book or two, Mr. Coleman’s grand finale was a favorite of the kids in the class: “If You Give a Pig a Pancake.” (See the video on our Facebook page.)

Mr. Coleman was accompanied by Ms. Krystal Johnson, who could barely contain her laughter and joy. Neither could the children. When Mr. Coleman asked the children “do you like syrup?” they erupted with a resounding “yes!”

Of course Mr. Coleman and Ms. Johnson were compensated for their visit. They received a book of their own to read at home, “10 Little Ninjas.” “Whoa, I get my own book too!?” Mr. Coleman proclaimed, as if reading to a group of smiling children was payment enough.