Agency Hosts Pakistani Delegation

posted 12/13/17 -- "The mission of LCCAA is to serve and empower Lorain County residents in need and sometimes whilewe are doing that, we are given the opportunity to reach beyond Lorain County."

President and CEO Jackie Boehnlein and Planning and Community Services Director Frank Prihoda recently hosted a delegation of non-profit and activist personnel from Pakistan. The meeting was arranged by the United States Department of State's "International Leadership Program." Full Story (we will break it here and send to website)


The Pakistani delegates, allof whom had never before visited the United States, sought an understanding of collaborative efforts among American non-profits, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and government agencies. The delegation was also very interested in the diversity of the non-profit sector and how all the different sectors collaborate to reach common goals. LCCAA fielded questions on reaching residents in disconnected or rural areas, examining cultural cooperation from different regions, and implementing innovative technology and management strategies.

After a brief tour, discussions also included social issues, organizational structure, securing funds, data collection and how LCCAA interacts with partner organizations as well as local, state and federal government. The delegates included human rights activists, community center organizers, journalists, program directors working on issues ranging from sexual violence to transgender rights to children's programs.

"Each delegate had a unique and diverse background. And with that, each had a unique set of questions and experiences to share with us," Boehnlein said. "Just like us, our new Pakistani friends are working to serve and empower their constituents as well."