Wellington Head Start Having an Impact

posted 1/6/18 -- In the four years Lorain County Community Action Agency has operated a Head Start location in Wellington a lasting impression has been made on the families and community.

“The teachers are amazing!” exclaimed Lisa Thompson as she hugged her child. “They open their arms to our children and treat them like their own.”

Ms. Thompson has put three of her children through the Head Start program. She particularly appreciates the weekly “Viva Spanish” program with teacher Nelly Otero.

In addition to learning basic Spanish, Ms. Otero works on sensory development and fine motor skills., While making snowmen (monigote de nieve), she included colors and descriptive words in both English and Spanish.

Ms. Thompson also appreciates the weekly Tae Kwon Do program that teaches Wellington students discipline that carries over into the classroom.

The foundation LCCAA Head Start builds in Wellington children serves the future of the entire community and parents like Ms. Thompson recognize its value.

“Head Start is so wonderful for our community, we’ve never had that before. Now I know we are not forgotten. “