New Car Allows Hard Working Health Care Worker to Do More

posted 11/11/17 -- Once she was able to buy her car, Jessica Anderson-Garner could work more hours and earn more money - making her self-sufficient.

One of three LCCAA clients to use the By Car program to make a purchase in December 2016, Jessica works for Res Care Inc. Her need to find rides to work limited her hours but now she will be able to work more.

By Car allows participants to save earned income and provides a matching grant so they can purchase a used car. Financial literacy courses are required.

"Jessica is an excellent example of a participant who will use the assistance to advance herself from poverty to self-sufficiency," said Bob McDonald, Client Services Advocate, adding that Jessica used what she learned in classes to shop around for a good deal before purchasing her car at Spitzer Autoworld in Sheffield with a 90-day vehicle warranty.

Participants must meet 80% of the area median income. Savings are matched 2 to 1, up to $3,999 with funding from LCCAA's Community Services Block Grant and the WE3 Collaborative led by Lorain County Community College.