Tech Connect Grads Break Boundaries

posted 9/22/19 -- “I was always intimidated by it,” Angel Lozano said of the computer he sat in front of in the class he completed last week. “But I knew, knowing the computer you could extend your boundaries. In fact, there are no boundaries.”

LCCAA’s Tech Connect class has eliminated boundaries and barriers for hundreds of students. The latest group finished the class at Ohio Means Jobs Lorain County last Thursday. The eight session class covers Microsoft office software as well as basics of email and Internet navigation. Instructor Arun Singh is known for his skill at making people more comfortable using a computer.

Successful completion of the class earns participants a free, refurbished computer. Graduates use the computer for everything from gaining a new education to maintaining relationships across the miles.

Vyline Ross plans to follow her mother – the first black woman to work for the Lorain County Sherrif’s Office – into a career in criminal justice. She will attend classes online.

“I looked forward to coming everyday,” she said.

Tina Scott hopes to use her new found skills to work from home so she has the flexibility to care for her family. Brenda Alamo knew a little bit about most of the programs covered in the class but said she learned a lot of tricks, shortcuts and tips to “make my life easier.” She plans to apply to Lorain County Community College to study social work or nursing.

“It’s very much needed at home,” Alamo said. “So this class was essential.”

“I was actually scared of the computer before I got here,” said U.S. Army veteran Tony Harris, who, now retired from his work as a State Tested Nursing Assistant at the area veterans’ hospital, is looking forward to using the computer to catch up with his grandkids.

“I didn’t know anything,” echoed Jannie Edwards. “Now, I can get online at home and practice.”

Whatever their goals, Tech Connect graduates say the class makes a difference in their lives, both locally and globally.

“I’m intrigued by the far off and how connected we are,” Lozano said. “We are not alone.”