Pregnancy Support Services

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 LCCAA Head Start now offers
Pregnancy Support Services!

All pregnant women in Lorain County can receive assistance at any time
in their pregnancy and throughout baby's first year.

Support can be offered through home visits, phone appointments or virtual platforms. 

No minimum number of meetings is required. 

You choose the help you need. 





Infant mortality rates in the United States are startlingly high. In Lorain County, 13 in 1,000 African American babies die within their first year or life. The mortality rate for white infants is 4.5. 

Premature birth is one of the main causes of early infant death. Improving access to prenatal care will help mothers avoid the most common causes of premature birth: high blood pressure and diabetes. 

Pregnancy Support Services helps by:
  • Breaking down barriers.

  • Aiding in communication with doctors.

  • Making referrals and coordinating services.

  • Providing educational information.

  • Teaching stress management skills.

  • Services are individualized and adjusted for each woman.

Learn more by downloading our brochure. 

Support is available at any stage of pregnancy regardless of your income or how many children you have. 

Learn more by contacting Community Health Worker Melissa Carroll at 440-457-0187 or [email protected].

In partnership with Lorain County Public Health.