PIPP Plus 

Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus allows eligible residents to reduce their energy bills to a percentage of their income and avoid crisis situations. Once enrolled, PIPP customers must make their regular payments in order to remain on the program. Staying current also earns PIPP customers credit toward arrearages.
To be eligible for PIPP, residents must live at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Line AND be customers of utilities regulated by the State of Ohio.
Under PIPP Plus, if you heat with gas, you pay 6% of your household income to your gas company and 6% of your household income to your electric company. If you heat with electricity, you pay 10% of your household income to your electric company.
NOTE: The income of each member of the household over 18 is taken into account!
Eligibility for PIPP is based on the last 90 days of your household income. Your PIPP payment amount is based on the last 30 days of your household income.
Eligibility and payment amounts must be verified annually to continue on PIPP. Adjustments may be made at anytime. PIPP customers experiencing a loss of income should call for an appointment, keeping in mind that their PIPP payment is base on the last 30 days.

Graduate PIPP Plus

If you have been on PIPP Plus but no longer qualify because your income has increased, Graduate PIPP Plus may be for you. Graduate PIPP Plus give residents 12 months to pay off any remaining arrearages with your utility company. If you qualify, call immediately because the 12 months begins as soon as you are removed from PIPP. 

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