By Car Records Another Success

posted 5/18/22 -- Shawn Stover hadn’t had a car in his name for more than 10 years, until he completed the By Car program last Friday.

“If it wasn’t for the program, I wouldn’t be driving. I wouldn’t have a car,” he said.

Stover completed the program under its new partnership with OhioMeansJobs Lorain County (OMJ). The expanded benefits allowed him to use some of his funds to reinstate his license before purchasing his 2005 Ford Taurus Wagon.

By Car matches earned income from participants who must save toward a car for use for work or school. Under the OMJ partnership, the maximum match increased from $4,000 to $6,000 and included the first year of insurance up to $2,500.

“It’s a win win,” Stover said, encouraging others to take advantage of the program. “They’re helping you to be able to obtain work and get along in life.”

To participate in the By Car program under this partnership with OMJ, start by contacting OMJ at 440-324-5244. You must complete some requirements through OMJ as well as the LCCAA financial literacy class. You must be living at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level ($55,500 for a household of four in 2022).

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