BYCar Solves Transportation Issues

posted 12/2/21 -- What’s better than a two-for-one match? Well, a three-for-one match!

LCCAA’s Board of Directors increased the match for the BYCar program in March and the program resulted in 16 new vehicle owners this year.

“Having your own transportation allows you to have unlimited freedom,” said one participant. “You can go anywhere you please!”

This year, participants looked forward to having their own vehicle so they could go to work, school, spend time with family members and be on time for appointments.

Prior to the program, participants were dependent on friends, family members and sometimes paid ride services to get where they needed to go. Or, they just stayed home.

“Without the program, I would have only been able to afford an inferior car,” said one participant. “The other great thing is that you own the vehicle and do not have to worry about making a car payment.”

The program also includes a financial literacy course that participants say helps them achieve additional goals.

“It is very worth the time to get paperwork together and the financial literacy course is helping me be more responsible,” Michael Genaro said.

All participants highly recommend the program.

“You have nothing to lose! Only something to gain.”