Tips for Managing Stress During the Holidays

posted 12/1/22 -- The holidays are a time of celebration, filled with family gatherings, gift giving and good cheer, but for many people, they also are a time of stress and seemingly never-ending to-do lists.

According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, 38 percent of people said their stress level increases during the holidays.

To help ward off the stress of the season, here are some tips for how to slow down and focus on being present, not perfect.

Avoid comparing yourself to others. Instead, measure yourself against your own progress.

Emphasize presence over presents. Don’t underestimate the importance of forming simple, yet meaningful connections.

Recognize your mental health needs, especially if you are grieving.

Ask for help.

Practice self compassion. We are often our own worst critics. This holiday season, make sure to embrace self-compassion.

Click here for a video presentation of these tips.