Stolen Bike Replaced Quickly

posted 11/2/22 -- A Summit Academy student had a stolen bike replaced quickly thanks to fast-acting teachers and the youth workers at LCCAA’s Bike Shop.

Teacher Kyriece Brooks and his colleagues pooled funds and reached out to LCCAA.

“These amazing teachers swiftly gathered funds and called us to make sure the student could make it home safely with a great bike,” said Youth Coordinator Jeffrey Ross.

The bike was made ready by youth workers Jackson Hker and Jostin Tejeda, pictured with Brooks and Ross.

Ross said he hopes the relationship with Summit will continue and added that the incident demonstrates the importance of the Bike Shop in transportation for area residents.

“Many, many people in Lorain County rely on alternate forms of transportation and bikes are one of the most common,” he said. “Continuing access to this affordable option is just one part of our mission.”