Don't Skip Your Child's Well Check Ups

posted 9/14/22 -- Making sure your child sees their doctor for well-child visits and recommended vaccinations is one of the best things you can do to protect your child.

Vaccinations also protect your community from serious diseases that are easily spread.

Annual well-child visits include the following:


  • Measuring height, recording weight.
  • Measuring head circumference and/or blood pressure depending on age.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Physical exam.
  • General discussion regarding findings during exam and general counseling about health and well being.
  • Update current medications and medication history.
  • Refills of maintenance medications pertinent to care.


Additionally, August was Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month during the Year of Children’s Vision. LCCAA Head Start staff receive training every year from Prevent Blindness to conduct vision screenings for all Head Start students.