Don't Overdo It This Holiday Season

posted 11/19/21 -- Special treats often come around only at this time of year but they don’t have to completely derail your efforts to eat healthy. With a little planning and thought, you can maintain a healthy diet while enjoying the holidays.

With kids especially, maintain a routine. If they usually get dinner at 5 p.m and Grandma is serving turkey at 7, feed them a snack before you go.

Speaking of snacks, keep healthy ones handy in your home and on the go.

Eat a healthy snack before you go to parties to prevent over indulging in what’s offered. And don’t shop for groceries on an empty stomach either!

Don’t deprive yourself. If Aunt Mary’s pumpkin pie is your favorite food, enjoy a slice! Save those treats for what matters the most to you.

Watch what you drink. Alcohol has more calories than most people realize and also may make you hungrier. Soda may be convenient but the sugar and chemicals it carries aren’t good for anyone at any age. Try to stick to water - with low or no sugar flavorings if you prefer.

Look for healthy swaps for holiday favorites. For example, try fresh green beans or roasted asparagus instead of green bean casserole.

Keep moving! You’ll feel less guilt about Aunt Mary’s pie if you join the cousins in a game of touch football after dinner.