Program Enhancements Round Out Lessons

posted 11/9/21 -- LCCAA Head Start offers comprehensive services to children and families. In addition to the quality instruction our highly trained staff delivers, we offer a variety of program enhancements to supplement our curriculum.

Together, all these activities strengthen learning and development while building kindergarten readiness. Program enhancements vary by site but may include the following:

Tae Kwon Do by Vanyo Martial Arts- Provides physical activity, enhances self-regulation skills, builds confidence, and improves concentration and focus.

Kindermusik- Provides opportunity for self-expression, movement, creativity, following directions, sound exploration and FUN!

Viva Spanish- Provides exposure to new language, school readiness skills, learning numbers, colors,and simple phrases such as greetings.

Local Library Programming- Establishes early language and literacy skills, exposure to books, establishes library cards, enhances communication skills, builds comprehension, etc.

Incredible Years by Ohio Guidestone- Teaches the understanding and communication of feelings, using effective problem-solving strategies, managing anger, practicing friendships, building conversational skills, and modeling appropriate behaviors in the classroom.

Other Opportunities- walking field trips to the fire station, greenhouse, apple orchard, Lorain Historical Society, visits from the Bubble Lady, and so much more.

PLAY is a child’s work! Providing our students new experiences and opportunities to learn and explore through program enhancements not only builds memories but also lays the foundation for further educational success.