Ignite by Hatch Tracks Progress

posted 11/2/21 -- LCCAA Head Start knows the value of technology for young learners and, to ensure learning is developmentally appropriate, we have chosen Ignite by Hatch this school year.

Ignite by Hatch is a comprehensive digital learning platform that engages, assesses and instructs children between the ages of 3 and 6.

As your child engages with play-based learning experiences delivered through technology, Ignite shares real-time data with your child’s teacher.

Ignite by Hatch can be played at home and at school. Your child’s teacher will invite you to join and you will receive an e-mail from Ignite by Hatch.

Please read the e-mail, follow the steps to download the app, and log in with your temporary password.

Helpful tips:

  • Only allow your enrolled Head Start child to play on the HATCH app. If older siblings play, it will not monitor your child’s progress accurately and will muddle your child’s data.
  • Children should only play for 10 minutes or less each day at home.
  • On the parent dashboard, you will be able to see your child’s progress, child’s gallery of pictures and much more.

If you need further assistance on setting up at home, please see your child’s teacher or site administrator.

This is one of many ways we are able to build the school to home connection and support your child’s learning and development.