Partnership to Help PIPP Customers

posted 9/16/21 -- LCCAA is pleased to announce a partnership between LCCAA and the Ohio Housing Finance Agency will help Lorain County utility customers return to the low payments they need under the Percent of Income Plan Plus (PIPP) program.

PIPP requires participants to pay in full each month. The COVID crisis has made that especially difficult for some low-income households. Customers who are unable to make their payments are removed from the program.

PIPP Plus allows utility customers to reduce their bills to a percentage of their income. If their home is all electric, they pay 10%. If they have both an electric utility and a gas utility, they pay 12% (6% to each provider).

"This funding will allow us to help customers get back on track with PIPP and allow them to once again reap the program's benefits," said Energy Services Supervisor Darnella Higginbotham.

Making regular payments on the PIPP program also helps customers reduce large old balances or arrearages. Higginbotham said her department will be working directly with Lorain County utility companies to determine which households need help reinstating their PIPP membership.